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• Elementary • Pre-Algebra • Algebra 1 & 2 • Geometry • Pre-Calculus

• Trigonometry • AP Calculus • Applied/Business Calculus • Differential Equations


• AP Physics 1 & 2 • College Physics • AP Biology • Chemistry

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MS WordExcel • PowerPoint • Outlook • Adobe Acrobat • Adobe Reader • Dropbox • Google Drive • Skype • General Windows/Mac


• Grade Monitoring • Teacher Collaboration

Executive Functioning

• Organization • Time Management • Study Skills • Checking Work


How do we stand out?

We provide excellent customer service, usually immediate or within minutes for homework help or to set up a tutoring session as soon as the same day. We can help with online classes and online tutoring is available through voice and a virtual whiteboard for step-by-step problem solving.

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­­About Us

Founded by a graduate of UCLA Engineering, we have a passion for explaining how the physical world works through math and physics. We have years of tutoring experience in those subjects along with test prep and mentorship programs. The teaching strategy we believe in emphasizes subject fundamentals, a powerful and necessary tool for higher problem solving. This strategy has proven very effective regardless of our students' educational background or mental ability. Besides being knowledgeable, we are motivating, caring, and patient in guiding your student to academic success!

We strive to get to the root of the problem be it a test-taking challenge or a problem with fundamental learning. Some teachers' method of teaching is not always conducive to your learning style. We work with you and follow your own pace of learning.

time management, calendar, organization, study skills

Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning is a separate realm that tutoring can assist in. It deals with cognitive processes including organization, time management, and study skills. Much of the difficulty students face in academic subjects can be attributed to the lack of executive functioning. They either cannot keep up with the pace and workload that advanced courses demand or haven't figured out the best way to study for themselves. We are able to assess students' shortcomings and formulate a plan for higher achievement.

Want to become a tutor?

We are currently seeking tutors based in Los Angeles and knowledgeable in Chemistry,

Biology, Environmental Science, History, & English. Join us and help students improve their skills and

acquire new ones.