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We provide excellent customer service, usually immediate or within minutes for homework help or to set up a tutoring session as soon as the same day. We can help with online classes and online tutoring is available through voice and a virtual whiteboard for step-by-step problem-solving.

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    Shannon M.

    Physics 1­

    Over the last six months, Daniel has been tutoring me on and off for my intro to physics course. I do not have a strong background in science or math, but Daniel was always able to explain everything clearly and in detail. He knows how to answer your questions and really works hard to make sure you understand the material. I highly reccomend him for anyone looking for help.

    David M.

    Calculus 2 & 3, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations ­

    Daniel has tutored me through 2 years of college math including, calculus 2, calculus 3, linear algebra, and differential equations. He helped me on a weekly basis with homework assignments and preparing for tests. The way he taught cleared up all of my questions from lecture and changed my approach to math for the better. Thanks to Daniel’s methods and thorough explanations, I earned A’s in all my classes. If you seek a solid understanding of math and a professional tutor, I highly recommend Daniel.­

    Greta D.

    Calculus 1­

    I was struggling with calculus 1 at SMC and felt very intimidated before Daniel came along. He helped me understand what calculus was all about and always explained new concepts clearly. Daniel went above and beyond his duties and was always on time. I ended up with an A and would highly recommend Daniel to any student with math needs.

    Hannah J.

    Precalculus, AP Calculus ­

    Daniel is an excellent tutor! He has taken daunting topics and broken them down, explained them thoroughly, and ultimately made them much simpler. He is very flexible with scheduling and is very easy to reach. With his help I raised my grade in math from a D to an A. I highly recommend Daniel for anyone looking for tutoring at any level. He is very qualified and effective.

    Cyndi M.

    AP Physics, AP Calculus ­

    I feel compelled to share a great “find” we made last year. School had only been in session for two weeks before my kids came home lamenting that their AP Physics teacher left them totally confused and stressed out. Switching to a less demanding schedule wasn’t an option so I decided to look for some help. Lord knows, it wasn’t going to come from me or my husband! I found Daniel, a 2012 UCLA engineering grad who has been tutoring for many years. After the boys’ first meeting with him, the level of stress in our household plummeted and the boys did well on their first physics test. We’ve decided to have him come regularly, just to make sure the boys understand the material and keep them confident. The boys ended up with A’s in the class and doing well on the AP test. Daniel was able to help them with anything they didn’t get in their calculus class as well. So as you stare the next school year in the face, if your child has any difficulty with their studies, especially in math or physics, consider talking to Daniel. He’s a lovely young man and the boys really responded to him well.

    Amanda C.

    General Physics, Math, Economics ­

    Dan was a life-saver! My son was up against finals in Physics and Math, we found Dan and he was working with my son within 24 hours and explaining concepts that had never been effectively taught. My son walked into his exams with more confidence and understanding and for that we are very grateful.

    Lissa C.

    Online Physics

    Worked through each problem thoroughly so that I understood the question being asked and how to solve it.