Chapter Vice-President and CAP Chair

Janice G. in 2018

Math Assessment­

I hired Daniel to help my daughter prepare for an assessment test. They only had 2 months to prepare and many of the subjects were being introduced to her for the first time. He had his work cut out for him. But he did a phenomenal job. He methodically organized each subject and proceeded to cover it thoroughly before moving on to the next. He had the right balance of persistence and understanding to keep my daughter stay focused and, at the same time, build up her confidence. I’m happy to report that she ended up passing the exam and she credits him for this result.

Chapter Vice-President and CAP Chair

Viktoria G. in July 2018

Calculus 1

Daniel was an incredible tutor for Calculus Part 1, for a college course. I received his help a little late in the game but he did not shy away from the challenge. He gave me advice, showed me how to do problems the proper way and even gave me tips on some short cuts. I would highly recommend him as a math tutor because he is easy to understand, easy to talk to and makes you feel more knowledgeable at the end of the tutoring session.­

Chapter Vice-President and CAP Chair

Carla S. in August 2018


My son was having a terrible time with geometry. Daniel worked with him and taught him in a way that he understood. My son brought home a B (Which I was thrilled with because he had been failing the class beforehand). He is wonderful!! I recommend him highly!!!

Chapter Vice-President and CAP Chair

Montse I. in September 2018


Absolutely great tutoring. Needed ACT help with math and science and my scores went up a great amount

Chapter Vice-President and CAP Chair

Dennis C.

Algebra 1, Geometry­

Daniel is great. Kids like to work with him.

Chapter Vice-President and CAP Chair

Eloise S.


Helped me with ACT math and science. Great to work with and good results.

Chapter Vice-President and CAP Chair

David L.

MS Excel­

Daniel is excellent, he has great patience, super nice, learn at your own pace, I am super slow, he understands and teaches at your level, pick Daniel to tutor you…..

Chapter Vice-President and CAP Chair

Courtney I.


I absolutely loved this tutoring program because it helped me understand how to caculate many different equations and problems dealing with conceptual physics. My tutor was a great help when it came to responding back to me and explaining how to do the problems step by step.

Chapter Vice-President and CAP Chair

Nicole W.


Daniel helped me with GRE math. We worked on problem solving, numeric entry and quantitative comparisons, all areas I really struggled with. I needed to raise my score by a few points, and I’m confident that Daniel’s sessions will allow me to achieve that when I take my test next. Sessions were extremely useful and efficient. He used an online whiteboard, along with Skype, so that I had an easy to see breakdown of all of the problems. Not only did he help with problems, but he also gave me multiple resources to use in the future when studying for the GRE (e.g. great websites, formulas, etc.) I recommend him to everyone who needs help in math!